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  • Maxwell St du 19 Janvier 2021

    Johnny NICHOLAS-Mistaken identity-Spark to a flame-Valcour Records
    John NEMETH-Stronger than strong-Come and take it-Memphis Grease Records
    David ROTUNDO BAND-So much trouble-Too blue-Dreams We Share
    Victor PUERTAS & Max GENOUEL-Recording session-Devil’s night-Self
    KA & THE BLUE DEVILS-Once upon a time…-My name is George Stinney-Self Malaya BLUE-Still-Love can tell-Blue Heart Records
    Randy CASEY-Record time-I don’t like you anymore-Self
    Reverend John WILKINS-Trouble-Down home church-Goner Records
    Jörg DANIELSEN-Guess who’s got the blues-Pour me some whiskey-Wolf Records Danielle MIRAGLIA-Bright shining stars-Meet me in the morning-Vizztone
    Grainne DUFFY-Voodoo blues-Blue skies-Self
    Tim WOODS-Vortex-This mess-Self
    Artur MENEZES-Fading away-Fight for your love- Vizztone
    Bobby RUSH-Rawer than raw-Down in Mississippi-Deep Rush Records

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  • Maxwell St du 12 Janvier 2021

    FLYIN’ SAUCERS GUMBO SPECIAL-Nothin’ but-Moonshine-Fatso Records
    DOO THE DOO-Fishbone juice-Baby, you and I-Self
    Benoît BLUE BOY-Résolument Blue-Pas danser-Tempo Records
    Nico DUPORTAL AND THE SPARKS-Dog, saint and sinner-No hate, just pain-Music Box Publishing
    Philippe MENARD-Exile on Mémène St.-Little grey eyed girl-Self
    LEE O’NELL BLUES GANG-# Shades of love-Can you tell me-Self
    Rod BARTHET-Ascendant Johnny Cash-Ascendant Johnny Cash-Festivest
    Lenny LAFARGUE-Unplugged secret-Hello Lightnin’-Bontempsrouler
    RAOUL FICEL-Sur la route-Danser le rock’n’roll-Bluesiac
    TIGER ROSE-Boogie, blues and roots-I know I’ve been changed-Self
    CADIJO BLUES COMPAGNIE-C’est ainsi…-Monsieur blues-Self
    LA BEDOUNE-La Bedoune-On the sunny side of the street- Self
    Fred CHAPELLIER-25 years on the road-Ain’t no love in the heart of the city- Dixeifrog
    BOURBON STREET-Stop and listen-Down in New Orleans-Self
    COTTON BELLY’S-Missi-Jaïs-L’Autre Distribution

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  • Maxwell St du 05 Janvier 2021

    Grainne DUFFY-Voodoo blues-Mercy-Self
    Steve WASHINGTON-Just a matter of time-Send me-JSP Records
    LA BEDOUNE-La Bedoune-My dog my cat and myself-Self
    KING KING-Maverick-I will not fall-Channel 5 Music
    Victor WAINWRIGHT-Memphis loud-Recovery-Ruf Records
    Layla ZOE-Nowhere left to go-Might need to fly-Layla Zoe Music
    Cathy GRIER & THE TROUBLEMAKERS-I’m all burn-Key to my survival-CG Music Works
    Andrew ALLI-Hard workin’ man-Going down south-Eller Soul Records
    Elvin BISHOP & Charlie MUSSELWHITE-100 years of blues-100 years of blues- Alligator Records
    Henry GRAY & Bob CORRITORE-Cold chills-Going away baby-Vizztone
    THE BLUESBONES-Live on stage-Going down-Donor Productions
    Gerald McCLENDON-Can’t nobody stop me now-Where do we go from here-Delta Roots Records

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  • Maxwell St du 29 Décembre 2020

    Philippe MENARD-Exile on Mémène St.-Save my liver for the cat-Self
    PHIL BEE-Against the wind- Born on the bayou-Soul Sacrifice Records
    Benoit BLUE BOY & LES TORTILLEURS-Résolument bleu-Juste une cigarette-Tempo Records
    DOO THE DOO-Fishbone juice-Everypime I see you walking-Self
    David ROTUNDO BAND-So much trouble-Hard times coming-Dreams We Share Peter VETESKA & BLUES TRAIN-Grass ain’t greener on the other side-Am I wrong pretty baby-Self
    Johnny NICHOLAS-Mistake identity-Mule and the devil-Valcour Records
    Lenny LAFARGUE-Unplugged secret-Chérie belle-Bontempsrouler
    TIGER ROSE-Boogie, blues and roots-Laying in the cold-Self
    Shemekia COPELAND-Uncivil war-Clotilda’s on fire-Alligator Records
    THE Mary Jo CURRY BAND-Front porch-Joyful-Self
    Kaz HAWKINS-Memories of-At last-Self

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  • Maxwell St du 22 Décembre 2020

    Kat RIGGINS-Cry out-Catching up-Gulf Coast Records
    John FUSCO AND THE X-ROAD RIDERS-John the revelator-It takes a man-Self Johnny BURGIN-No border blues-One day you’re gonna get lucky-Delmark Records
    John NEMETH-Stronger than strong-Deprivin’ a love-Nola Blue Records
    Kirsten THIEN-Two sides-After I left home-Screen door Records
    Mike ZITO-Quarantine blues-Quarantine blues-Gulf Coast Records
    Sonny GREEN-Found !One soul singer-I beg your pardon-Little Village Foundation Bette SMITH-The good the bad and the Bette-I’m a sinner-Ruf Records
    SERIOUS BUSINESS-The last port sessions-Sunday morning- Gaztelupeko Hotsak Dave RILEY & Bob CORRITORE-Travelin’ the dirt road-Come here woman-Vizztone
    Stefano RONCHI-In close embrace-Before I say goodbye-Gaztelupeko Hotsak MICHELE D’AMOUR & THE LOVE DEALERS-Christmas in blue-Funky Santa-Warrior Poet Productions

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  • Maxwell St du 15 Décembre 2020

    Layla ZOE-Nowhere left to go-Nowhere left to go-Layla Zoe Music
    Greg SOVER BAND-The parade-Wake up-Grounded Soul Records
    THE BLUESBONES-Live on stage-A better life-Donor Productions
    Jimmie VAUGHAN-The pleasure’s all mine-I hang my head and cry-The Last Music Company
    David ROTUNDO BAND-So much trouble-I must be crazy-Dreams We Share
    Johnny GALLAGHER AND THE BOXTY BAND-A 2020 vision-Bird-Dixiefrog
    Mick KOLASSA-If you can’t be good, be good at it !-If you can’t be good-Endless Blues Records
    Philippe MENARD-Exile on Mémère St.-Our fear is gone away-Self
    Eric JOHANSON-Below sea level-Down to the bottom-Nola Blue
    Lenny LAFARGUE-Unplugged secret-Le boogie des durs à cuire-Bontempsrouler
    Elvin BISHOP & Charlie MUSSELWHITE-100 years of blues-Birds of a feather-Alligator Records
    Alastair GREENE-The new world blues-Alone and confused-Whiskey Bayou Records
    Johnny NICHOLAS-Mistaken identity-She stole my mojo-Valcour Records

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  • Maxwell St du 08 Décembre 2020

    DOO THE DOO-Fishbone juice-This loneliness-Self
    FAMOUS ROGUES-Famous Rogues-Busy boottin-Self
    Benoit BLUE BOY ET LES TORTILLEURS-Résolument Blue-Toute ma vie-Tempo Records
    LA BEDOUNE-La Bedoune-Don’t wanna work-Self
    Kevin BURT-Stone crazy-Purdy lil thang-Gulf Coast Records
    Michael Van MERWYK, Victor PUERTAS, Jack O’RONNIE & Micha MASS-Lockdown sessions-Lowdown lockdown-Crosscut Records
    MISS EMILY-Live at The Isabel-Cry to me-Self
    Kirk FLETCHER-My blues pathway-Struggle for grace-Cleopatra Blues
    Reverend John WILKINS-Trouble-Wade in the water-Goner Records
    Tim WOODS-Vortex-Ready-Tim Woods Music
    Danielle MIRAGLIA-Brigth shinning stars-Meet me in the morning-Vizztone
    Dennis JONES-Soft hard & loud-I’m not-Self
    Anthony GERACI with Dennis BRENNAN-Daydreams in blue-No one hears my prayers-Shinning Stone Records

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  • Maxwell St du 01 Décembre 2020

    Johnny NICHOLAS-Mistaken identity-Wanna be your baby-Valcour Records
    Erin HARPE-Meet me in the middle-All night long-Vizztone
    CD WOODBURY-World’s gone crazy-South of South Hill-Self
    Neal BLACK & THE HEALERS- A little boom boom boom-Saints of New Orleans-Dixiefrog
    Kim WILSON-Take me back !-Play me-M.C. Records
    Johnny GALLAGHER-A 2020 vision-I’ve got nothing Toulouse-Dixefrog
    Henry GRAY & Bob CORRITORE-Cold chills-Cold chills-Vizztone
    THE McKEE BROTHERS-A time like this-Whistleblower blues-McKeeBros Music Alastair GREENE-The new world blues-No longer amused-Whiskey Bayou Records PHIL BEE-Against the wind-I love you more than you’ll ever know-Soul Sacrifice Records
    Gerald McCLENDON-Can’t nobody stop me now-Can’t nobody stop me now-Delta Roots Records
    FRIENDS & LEGENDS OF LOUISIANA-Friends & legends of Louisiana-Belly of the beast-L & M Star Productions

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