Maxwell Street Blues

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  • Maxwell St du 11 Mai 2021

    Charlotta CURVES & Helge TALLQVIST BAND-Voodoo woman-You better believe me-NCB
    Jimmie BRATCHER-I’m hungry-Bacon is on my mind-Ain’t Skeert Tunes
    Jean Jacques MILTEAU-Lost highway-Lost highway-Sunset Records
    Philippe MENARD-Exile on Mémène St.-Here’s my soul-Self
    John FUSCO AND THE X-ROAD RIDERS-John the revelator-Jacqueline-Self
    POPA CHUBBY-Tinfoil hat-Another day in hell-Dixiefrog
    Selwyn BIRCHWOOD-Living in a burning house-Living in a burning house-Alligator Records
    Lenny LAFARGUE-Unplugged secret-Le blues le dimanche-Bontempsrouler
    Johnny IGUANA-Chicago spectacular !-44 blues-Delmark Records
    Jimmy JOHNSON-Every day of your life-Somebody loan me a dime-Delmark Records
    Eric JOHANSON-Blind Raccoon & Nola Blue collection-Riverbend blues-Blue Heart Records
    REVEREND FREAKCHILD-Blind Raccoon & Nola Blue collection-Sweet sweet you-Blue Heart Records

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  • Maxwell St du 04 Mai 2021

    Chris CAIN-Raisin’ Cain-Hush money-Alligator Records
    JERRY T. & THE BLACK ALLIGATORS-Where is the meat ?-Won’t forget about me-Self
    JESSIE LEE & THE ALCHEMISTS-Let it shine-But you lie-Music Box Publishing
    Bob CORRITORE & FRIENDS-Spider in my stew-Big mama’s soul food-Vizztone
    Trevor B. POWER-What is real-Get well Johnny-Farm 189 Records
    Patti PARKS-Whole mother world-Baby bee-Vizztone
    Clarence SPADY-Surrender-When my blood runs cold-Nola Blue Records
    LITTLE BOB BLUES BASTARDS-We need hope-Freedom-Verycords
    Alex LOPEZ-Rising up-Even up the score-Maremil Music
    THE HUNGRY WILLIAMS-Brand new thing-Where’s my baby ?-Rochelle Records THE Halley DEVESTERN BAND-Money ain’t time-Try-Self
    SAME PLAYER SHOOT AGAIN-Our king Albert-As the years go passing by-Five Fishes

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  • Maxwell St du 27 Avril 2021

    Fabrice FALANDRY-Personne ne gagne-Ce que nous sommes-Three Forks Music
    Bob CORRITORE & FRIENDS-Spider in my stew-Tennessee woman-Vizztone Tomislav GOLUBAN-Express connection-Used to be someone-Blue Heart Records
    SAME PLAYER SHOOT AGAIN-Our king Albert-Born under a bad sign-Five Fishes
    POPA CHUBBY-Tinfoil hat-No justice no peace-Dixiefrog
    AJ FULLERTON-The forgiver and the runaway-The forgiver and the runaway-Vizztone
    Veronica LEWIS-You ain’t unlucky-Put your wig on mama-Blue Heart Records
    Joe LEWIS BAND-Up next-I like it-Self
    Cash McCALL-Single-One who’s got a lot—Nola Blue Records
    Archie Lee HOOKER AND THE COAST TO COAST BLUES BAND-Living in a memory-Parchman bound-Dixiefrog
    Curtis SALGADO-Damage control-Precious time-Alligator Records
    Paul SIZE-Can’t lose playing the blues-Walking with Frankie-Jeffrey Records
    Dexter ALLEN-Keep moving on-Pack up my bags-Endless Blues Records

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  • Maxwell St du 20 Avril 2021

    RAOUL FICEL-I feel alright-Crazy mixed world-Self
    THE COUDOUGNANS-The Coudougnans-Cannonball blues-Self
    AWEK-Awek-Bring it on-Absilone
    SWEET SCARLETT-Rockin’ that soul-Dance it out-Self
    Eric JOHANSON-Below sea level-Down to the bottom-Nola Blue
    Robert JON & THE WRECK-Last light on the highway-Oh Miss Carolina-Robert Jon Music
    Charlie BEDFORD-Blind Raccoon collection volume III-Just a little longer-Blue Heart Records
    RONAN ONE MAN BAND & Marko BALLAND-Long way from home-Nothing but the blues-Self
    Kirk FLETCHER-My blues pathway-No place to go-Cleopatra Blues
    SUPERDOWNHOME-No balls, no blues chips-Twenty four days-Dixiefrog
    Ronnie EARL & THE BROADCASTERS-Rise up-Higher love-Stony Plain
    THE ALLMAN BETTS BAND-Bless your heart-Pale horse rider-Self
    Skylar ROGERS-Firebreather-Hard headed woman-Skylar Rogers Music

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  • Maxwell St du 13 Avril 2021

    Selwyn BIRCHWOOD-Living in a burning house-Through a microphone-Alligator Records
    Martin LANG-Bad man-Younger days-Random Chance Records
    Benoit BLUE BOY-Résolument bleu-Rien d’autre à faire- Tempo Records
    THE HITMAN BLUES BAND-Not my circus-You can’t say no-Nerus Records
    LITTLE BOB BLUES BASTARDS-We need hope-You can’t come back-Verycords Records
    Archie Lee HOOKER AND THE COAST TO COAST BLUES BAND-Living in a memory-It’s a jungle out there-Dixiefrog
    Curtis SALGADO-Damage control-You’re going to miss my sorry ass-Alligator Records JAY AND THE COOKS-Le coeur sec-Un verre au comptoir-Juste Une Trace
    Jean-Jacques MILTEAU-Lost highway-State of Tennessee-Sunset Records
    DOO THE DOO-Fishbone juice-Desperate ways-Self
    BAD TEMPER JOE-One can wreck it all-Early morning blues-Time Zone Records Jeremiah JOHNSON-Unemployed highly annoyed-Different plan for me-Ruf Records

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  • Maxwell St du 06 Avril 2021

    Johnny NICHOLAS-Mistaken identity-Tight pants-Valcour Records
    Reverend John WILKINS-Trouble-Down home church-Goner Records
    Tim WOOD-Vortex-This mess-Tim Woods Music
    John PRIMER & Bob CORRITORE-The gypsy woman told me-Knockin’ on your door-Vizztone
    Lisa MANN-Old girl-It’s the monkeys or me-Jay Ray Records
    Jörg DANIELSEN-Got the blues-Whisky drinking woman-Wolf Records
    Kevin BURT-Stone crazy-I ain’t got no problem with it-Gulf Coast records
    Kirsten THIEN-Two sides-I gotta man-Screen Door Records
    Willie BUCK-Willie Buck way-You want me to trust you-Delmark Records
    Alastair GREENE-The new world blues-When you don’t know what to do-Whiskey Bayou Records
    LUCKY GAS & LITTLE PETER-West to west-River house-Self
    Dennis JONES-Soft hard & loud-When I wake up-Self
    GROUND ZERO-I was here…-The muddy blues-KBKC Artistes
    THE BLUESBONES-Live on stage-Demon blues-Donor Productions

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  • Maxwell St du 30 Mars 2021

    THE HUNGRY WILLIAMS-Brand new thing-Brand new thing-Self
    John NEMETH-Stronger than strong-I can see your love light shine-Nola Blue Records
    Grainne DUFFY-Voodoo blues-Don’t cry for me-Self
    Trevor B. POWER-What is real-World gone madd-Self
    Skylar ROGERS-Firebreather-Like father like daughter-Self
    SUGAR RAY AND THE BLUETONES-Too far from the bar-Walk me home-Severn Records
    SUPERDOWNHOME-No balls, no blues chips-Can’t sweep away-Dixiefrog
    AJ FULLERTON-The forgiver and the runaway-Healing takes time-Vizztone
    Veronica LEWIS-You ain’t unlucky-The Memphis train-Blue Heart Records
    Joe LEWIS BAND-Up next-Broken angel of the delta-Self
    Clarence SPADY-Blind Raccoon collection volume 3-Surrender-Blue Heart Records
    Sammy EUBANKS-Blind Raccoon collection volume 3-What would Delbert do ?-Blue Heart Records
    Christone Kingfish INGRAM-Christone « Kingfish » Ingram-Believe the blues-Alligator Records
    Bill BLUE-The king of crazy town-Do what do don’t do what I say-Conch Town Music

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  • Maxwell St du 23 Mars 2021

    Brigitte PURDY-Blind Raccoon collection volume 3-Memphis hotline-Blue Heart Records
    Kaz HAWKINS-Memories of-Security-Self
    MISS BIX featuring Keeshea PRATT-Blind Raccoon collection volume 3-Red walls-Blue Heart Records
    Grant HAUA-Awa blues-Got something-Dixiefrog
    KING KING-Maverick-Whatever it takes to survive-Channel 9 Music
    Cathy GRIER & THE TROUBLEMAKERS-I’m all burn-Question of desire-CG Music Works
    Kid RAMOS & Bob CORRITORE-Phoenix blues sessions-Natural ball-Vizztone
    Johnny GALLAGHER-A 2020 vision-Bird-Dixiefrog
    Kirk FLETCHZER-My blues pathway-No place to go-Cleopatra Blues
    Joe LEWIS BAND-Up next-I like it-Self
    Veronica LEWIS-You Ian’t unlucky-Clarksdale sun-Blue Heart Records
    Kai STRAUSS-In my prime-Betting my life on the blues-Continental Blue Heaven Andres ROOTS-Single-Right across the hill-Jukka Johola

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