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  • Tellin’you du 1er avril 2021 -

    El Fish-Sonny Boy’s advice-Wisteria-Autoprod.-2000
    Samantha Fish-Foolin’ me-Black wind howlin’-Ruf rec.-2013
    Samantha Fish-Blame it on the moon-Wild heart-Ruf rec.-2015
    Amanda Fish-Going down-Free-2018
    Myles Goodwyn-Fish tank blues-Friends of the blues 2-Northern goody two-2019
    Taj Mahal-Fishin’ blues-Live catch-2004
    Jimmy « Duck » Holmes-Catfish blues-Cypress grove-2019
    Catfish Keith-Don’t you call me crazy-Catfish crawl-Autoprod.-2019
    Woody Guthrie-Talking fishing blues-The asch recordings vol.1-1997
    Howard Fishman-Mexican radio-Better get right-2010
    Popa Chubby-The catfish-The catfish-Verycords-2016
    Christone « Kingfish » Ingram-Outside of this town-Kingfish-1976
    Ganashake-Keep falling-Flirty Fishing-Autoprod.-2012
    Abbygail-Plenty more fish-Gun control-Autoprod.-2019
    Doo the Doo-Fishbone juice-Fishbone juice-Autoprod.-2020
    Moutain Men-Fishing blues-live
    Country Joe & the Fish-Flying high-Electric music for the mind and body-1967
    Mighty Mo Rodgers-Gone fishing-Blues is my wailin’ wall-Blue thumb rec.-1999
    Hard Swimmin’ Fish-Have your way with me-One step forward-2013
    Gary Clarck Jr.-Catfish blues-live
    El Fish-Copydog-El fish-1996

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  • Tellin’you du 25 mars 2021 -

    Archie Lee Hooker and the Coast to coast blues band-Blinded by love-Living in a memory-Dixiefrog-2021
    Archie Lee Hooker and the Coast to coast blues band-Getaway-Living in a memory-Dixiefrog-2021
    Little Bob Blues Bastards-We need hope-We need hope-Verycords-2021
    Little Bob Blues Bastards-Natural born woman-We need hope-Verycords-2021
    Skylar Rogers-Work-Firebreather-Autoprod.-2021
    Skylar Rogers-Like father like daughter-Firebreather-Autoprod.-2021
    Gaëlle Buswel-Your journey-Your journey-Verycords-2021
    Gaëlle Buswel-Louder-Your journey-Verycords-2021
    Joe Lewis band-Hot lovin’ Momma-Up next-Autoprod.-2021
    Joe Lewis band-Do drop inn-Up next-Autoprod.-2021
    8 Ball Aitken-Ice cream man-Ice cream man-Red rocker rec.-2020
    8 Ball Aitken-Boomerang-Ice cream man-Red rocker rec.-2020
    Superdownhome-Homework-No balls, no blues chips-Dixiefrog-2021
    Superdownhome-Stop breaking down blues-No balls, no blues chips-Dixiefrog-2021
    Boogie Beasts-Bring it on-Single-2021
    Slim Paul-Good is gonna come-Good for you-Old pot rec.-2021
    Trevor B. Power-Pandemic 2020-What is real-Farm 189 rec.-2021
    Trevor B. Power-Sexy witch-What is real-Farm 189 rec.-2021
    Veronica Lewis-Clarksdale sun-You ain’t unlucky-Blue heart rec.-2021
    Veronica Lewis-Put your wig on mama-You ain’t unlucky-Blue heart rec.-2021

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  • Tellin’you du 18 mars 2021 -

    Mindi Abair and the Boneshakers-Vinyl-The eastwest sessions-Pretty good for a girl rec.-2017
    Lisa Spada-Family Tree-Family tree-Autoprod.-2014
    The Magpie Salute-Walk on water-High water I-Provogue/Mascot-2018
    Mathis Haug-Carnival train-Distance-Dixiefrog/Harmonia mundi-2013
    Nico Backton & wizards of blues-Down in Mexico-Down the line-Naked-2014
    Mick Clarke-Noodle bar-Diggin’ down-Rockfold rec.-2017
    Mighty Mo Rodgers-Love will only make u sweat-A mississippi blues tale Mud’n Blood-Dixiefrog/Harmonia mundi-2014
    Nublues-Missy Dee-Dreams of a blues man-Dixiefrog/Night & day-2004
    Lynyrd Skynyrd-Workin’-Live from Freedom Hall-Roadrunner rec.-2010
    Marcus Bonfanti-Alley cat-Shake the walls-Jig saw-2013
    Leaky Roof-Boobies aint for baby-Take a jive-Autoprod.-2016
    Mike Zito-Time for a change-First class life-Ruf rec.-2018
    Laurence Jones-Higher ground-Take me high-Ruf rec.-2016
    Magnus Berg-Cut me loose-Cut me loose-Screen door rec.-2014
    My Dynamite-Dirty game-My dynamite-Listenable rec.-2012
    Malted Milk-Touch you-Soul of a woman-Dixiefrog/Blues production-2011
    Nico’ ZZ-I’ve got to go-Me & myself-Autoprod.-2015
    The Mannish Boys-I can always dream-Wrapped up and ready-Delta groove-2014
    Mason Casey-Chesterfield County Jail-Sofa king badass-Nothern blues-2007
    Lucky Peterson-Out of the frying pan into the fire-Heart of pain-JSP rec.-2010

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  • Tellin’you - 04 mars 2021 -

    Royal Southern Brotherhood-New horizons-Royal Southern Brotherhood-Ruf rec.-2012
    Royal Southern Brotherhood-Blood is thicker than water-The royal gospel-Ruf rec.-2016
    Altered Five Blues band-Ten thousand watts-Ten thousand watts-Blind pig rec.-2019
    Charlie Bedford-Steady driver man-Good to go-Blue heart rec.-2020
    Alex Lopez-I’m a working man-Yours truly,me-Maremil-2019
    Blue Fever-We are young-We are young-Autoprod.-2020
    Bluesy Pix-Black black black-Bluesy Pix-Autoprod.-2019
    Tiffany Pollack & Eric Johanson-Slave of tomorrow-Blues in my blood-Nola blue rec.-2019
    Frank Bey-Idle hands-All my dues are paid-Nola blue rec.-2019
    Tas Cru-That lovin’ thang-Drive on-Subcat rec.-2020
    Andrew Riverstone-Waiting on the other side-Andrew Riverstone-Atlantic Highway rec.-2020
    Tim Woods-I don’t know yet-Vortex-Autoprod.-2020
    Jim Gustin & Truth Jones-The truth-Lessons learned-Autoprod.-2020
    Avey Grouws band-Devil may care-The devil may care-Autoprod.-2020
    Kevin Burt-Stone crazy-Stone crazy-Gulf Coast rec.-2020
    Zac Harmon-So cold-Mississippi BarBQ-Catfood rec.-2019
    Reese Wynans and friends-That driving beat-Sweet release-Provogue/Mascot-2019
    Robin Trower-The perfect wrong-Coming closer to the day-Provogue/Mascot-2019
    Paul Personne-Karma-Funambule-Verycords-2019

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  • Tellin’you - 25 février 2021 -

    Ghalia Volt-Bad apple-One woman band-Ruf rec.-2021
    Slim Paul-Spread the love-Good for you-Old pot rec.-2021
    Slim Paul-Every body knows-Good for you-Old pot rec.-2021
    Popa Chubby-Can I call you my friends ?-Tinfoil hat-Dixiefrog-2021
    Popa Chubby-1968 again-Tinfoil hat-Dixiefrog-2021
    8 Ball Aitken-Solitaire-Ice cream man-Red rocker rec.-2020
    8 Ball Aitken-Peace love and understanding-Ice cream man-Red rocker rec.-2020
    Biscuit Miller and the Mix-Get ready-Chicken grease-American showplace music-2019
    Robert Randolph & the family band-I’m living off the love you give-Brighter days-Provogue/Mascot-2019
    Soul Garage Experience-Judgment day-documentaire « Life and Larry Brown »
    Bette Smith-I’m a sinner-The Good, the Bad and the Bette-Ruf rec.-2020
    King Solomon Hicks-I’d rather be blind-Provogue/Mascot-2020
    Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn band-Ways and means-Dance songs for hard times-Thirty tigers-2021
    Blu Acid feat. John Blake-No time-single-Black and Tan rec.-2021
    The Reverend Shawn Amos & the Brotherhood-Troubled man-Blue sky-Put together music-2020
    Victor Wainwright and the Train-Mississippi-Memphis Loud-Ruf rec.-2020
    Teresa James & the Rhythm Tramps-She’s got a way with men-Live-Jesi-lu rec.-2019
    Teresa James & the Rhythm Tramps-I want it all-Live-Jesi-lu rec.-2019
    Michèle d’Amour and the Love Dealers-No time-Heart of Memphis-BluesKitty rec.-2019

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  • Tellin’you - 11 février 2021 -

    Ghalia & Mama’s Boys-Let the demons out-Let the demons out-Ruf rec.-2017
    Ghalia-Release me-Mississippi Blend-Ruf rec.-2019
    Ghalia Volt-It ain’t bad-One woman band-Ruf rec.-2021
    Ghalia Volt-Espiritu Papago-One woman band-Ruf rec.-2021
    Grant Haua-Got something-Awa blues-Dixiefrog-2021
    Grant Haua-Tough love Mumma-Awa blues-Dixiefrog-2021
    Ally Venable-Heart of fire-Heart of fire-Ruf rec.-2021
    Ally Venable-Use me-Heart of fire-Ruf rec.-2021
    Ally Venable-Hateful blues-Heart of fire-Ruf rec.-2021
    Blue Fever-We are young-We are young-Autoprod.-2020
    Blue Fever-Highway rock-We are young-Autoprod.-2020
    Blue Fever-Coffin on a Limousine-We are young-Autoprod.-2020
    Electro Blues Society feat. Boo Boo Davis-Secret-single-Black & Tan rec.-2021
    The Bluesbones-Demon blues-single/Live on stage-Naked/Donor-2020
    Sari Schorr-Turn the radio on-Never say never-Manhaton rec.-2018
    Archie Lee Hooker and the Coast to coast blues band-Found a good one-Chilling-Dixiefrog/Borderline blues-2018
    Whitney Shay-P.S. It’s not about you-Stand up !-Ruf rec.-2020

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  • Tellin’you - 04 février 2021 -

    Ghalia Volt-Bad apple-One woman band-Ruf rec.-2021
    Little Hook-Hooked-Little Hook-Naked/Donor-2017
    Big Time Bossmen-Make my way-Working on a plan-Rootzrumble/Donor-2017
    Black Cat Biscuit-He’s a fool-That’s how the cookie crumbles-Naked/Donor-2019
    Red Red-Long black train-single-Naked/Donor-2020
    Travellin’ Blue Kings-Live your life-single-Naked/Donor-2020
    Travellin’ Blue Kings-Get it done-Wired up-Naked/Donor-2019
    The Bluesbones-Going down-Live on stage-Naked/Donor-2020
    Boogie Beasts-Howl-single-Naked/Donor-2020
    Power Shake-Boogie house-Go wild !-Fête du bruit-2018
    Made J-Doin’ anything I say-Tiger blood-Mottow soundz-2018
    Made J-Proud rooster-single-Mottow soundz-2013
    Howlin’ Bill-Rudolph-Hungry-Blues boulevard-2015
    Walter Broes & the Mercenaries-Come on down-Movin’ up-Rootzrumble/Donor-2016
    Shapeshifted-Phoenix-Old nick’s fire-Nemo rec.-2014
    Shapeshifted-Good times will come-single-2020
    Ganashake-Stopsigns-Flirty fishing-Autoprod.-2012
    Fred & the Healers-The best thing-Hammerbeatmatic-Team4action-2014
    Bertrand Lani & the Mudbugs-Some faces-single-2020

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  • Tellin’you - 28 janvier 2021 -

    Lenny Lafargue-Le boogie des durs à cuire-Unplugged secret-Bontempsroulr-2020
    Benoit Blue Boy-Résolument bleu-Résolument bleu-Tempo rec.-2020
    Doo the Doo-Fishbone Juice-Fishbone Juice-Autoprod.-2020
    Fred Chapellier-Set me free-Best of 25 years on the road-Dixiefrog-2020
    Rosedale-The sun won’t rise today-Wide awake-Dixiefrog-2018
    Flyin’ saucers Gumbo Special-Zydeco train-Nothin’ but-2019
    Delgrès-Vivre sur la route-Mo Jodi-Piats-2018
    Big Dez-Back to little street-Last train-Socadisc-2018
    In Volt-New time-Free-Volt prod.-2019
    Philippe Ménard-Little grey eyed girl-Exile on Mémène st-Autoprod.-2020
    Cisco Herzaft-Old black train-Son of a watchmaker-Blues n’trad-2019
    Red Beans & Pepper Sauce-I am the night-Mechanic Marmalade-Socadisc-2019
    Laura Cox-Looking upside down-Burning bright-Verycords-2019
    Nina Van Horn-Streets of bangalore-Seven deadly sins-Cristal rec.-2013
    Bo Weavil & band-I’m gonna crack-A son of pride-Dixiefrog/borderline blues-2015
    Malted Milk-Soul of a woman-Soul of a woman-Dixiefrog-2011
    Manu Lanvin & the devil blues-Je suis le diable-Grand Casino-Verycords-2019
    Lenine Mc Donald-Serons nous libres-Lenine Mc Donald-Autoprod.-2012

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