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  • Tellin’You – 19 décembre 2019 – Nos coups de coeur 2019 -

    Ce qui nous a bien plu en 2019, c’est le contenu de cette dernière émission de l’année :
    Laura Cox-Last breakdown-Burning bright-Verycords-2019
    Gary Hoey-Living the highlife-Neon highway blues-Provogue/Mascot-2019
    Robin Trower-Truth or lies-Coming closer to the day-Provogue/Mascot-2019
    Biscuit Miller and the Mix-Here Kitty Kitty-Chicken grease-American showplace music-2019
    The Magpie Salute-Gimme something-High water II-Provogue/Mascot-2019
    Dudley Taft-Simple life-Simple life-American blues artist groupe-2019
    Paul Personne-Karma-Funambule (ou Tentative de survie en milieu hostile)-Verycords 2019
    Altered Five Blues band-Ten thousand watts-Ten thousand watts-Blind pig rec.-2019
    Zac Harmon-Since you been gone-Mississippi BarBQ-Catfood rec.-2019
    Tiffany Pollack & Eric Johanson-Keep it simple-Blues in my blood-Nola blue rec.-2019
    Kris Barras band-Broken teeth-Light it up-Provogue/Mascot-2019
    Bluesy Pix-Wings-Bluesy Pix-Autoprod.2019
    Ghalia-Wade in the water-Mississippi blend-Ruf rec.-2019
    Bjorn Berge-Bitter sweet-Who else ?-Blue Mood rec.-2019
    Cotton Belly’s-Roadside-Missi-L’autre distribution-2019
    Manu Lanvin & the Devil blues-Je suis le diable-Grand casino-Verycords-2019
    Boogie Beasts-I don’t know why-Deep-Naked/Donor-2019
    Ally Venable-Texas honey-Texas honey-Ruf rec.-2019

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  • Tellin’You – 5 décembre 2019 – Spéciale « Johnny » –

    Attention, un Johnny peut en cacher un autre... écoutez plutôt, ne vous arrêtez pas au premier Johnny qui passe...
    Johnny Hallyday-La musique que j’aime-version 1982
    Johnny Shines-Ramlin’-Evening shuffle-the complete JOB recording 1952/1953-2001
    Johnnie Temple-Lead pencil blues-The roots of Robert Johnson-Yazoo-2005
    Johnny Young-Kid man blues-Complete Johnny Young-
    Little Johnny Taylor-Everybody knows about my good thing-Everybody knows about my good thing-2006
    Johnny Heartsman-Serpent’s touch-The touch-2014
    Johnny Tucker-Tell you all-Seven day blues-Highjohn rec.-2017
    Johnny Copeland-Devils hand-Maky my home where I hang my hat-1982
    Johnny Cash-Personal Jesus-American IV : the man comes around-2002
    Johnny Winter-It was rainin’-Nothin’ but the blues-Sonic music-1977
    Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes-Harder than it looks-Asbury park to Paris : non stop-Note a bene-2017
    Johnny & the Headhunters-Chicken house-That’s all I need-Autoprod.-2018
    Johnny Mastro & Mama’s boys-Whiskey-Never trust the living-Autoprod.-2014
    Johnny Oskam-Badlands-In my shadow-Autoprod.-2017
    Johnny Gallagher & the Boxtie band-Going home-Peace of mind-Autoprod.-2012
    Johnny Lang-Lie to me-Lie to me-1997
    Johnny Rawls-Tiger in a cage-Tiger in a cage-Catfood rec.-2016
    Johnny Deep & Hollywood Vampires-Heroes-Jimmy Kimmel live
    Johnny Rivers-John Lee Hooker-Last boogie in Paris-2008

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  • Tellin’You – 28 novembre 2019 – En invité : le groupe ABBYGAIL –

    Discussion avec les membres du groupe nordiste ABBYGAIL et découverte de leur nouvel album "Gun Control"
    Abbygail-Gun control-Gun control-Autoprod.-2019
    Abbygail-Plenty more fish-Gun control-Autoprod.-2019
    Abbygail-Headbanger-Gun control-Autoprod.-2019
    Abbygail-I feel so bad-Gun control-Autoprod.-2019
    Abbygail-Nordman-Gun control-Autoprod.-2019
    Abbygail-Big bad wolf-Gun control-Autoprod.-2019
    Abbygail-Head in the sand-Gun control-Autoprod.-2019
    AC/DC-Sin city-Powerage-Atlantic-1978
    Scorpions-Polar nights-Hot & Hard-RCA rec.-1993
    D.A.D.-A prayer for the loud-A prayer for the loud-AFM rec.-2019
    Laura Cox-Last breakdown-Burning bright-Verycords-2019

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  • Tellin’You – 21 novembre 2019 –

    Abbygail-Boots on the ground-Gun control-Autoprod-2019
    Laura Cox-Last breakdown-Burning Bright-Verycords-2019
    Laura Cox-Freaking out loud-Verycords-2019
    Nico Duportal & the Sparks-No hate, just pain-Dog, Saint and Sinner-Music box-2019
    Nico Duportal & the Sparks-Just a rolling man-Dog, Saint and Sinner-Music box-2019
    Trudy Linn-Blues ain’t nothin’-Blues keep knockin’-Connor ray music-2018
    Kyla Brox-Beautiful day-Live
    Cisco Herzaft-Son of the watchmaker-Son of the watchmaker-Blues n’trad-2019
    Grady Champion-Down home blues-A tribute to ZZ Hill-Malaco rec-2019
    Vaneese Thomas-Wake me-Down yonder-Segue rec-2019
    Botty Call-Bad things come in pairs
    Manu Lanvin & the Devil Blues-Six blind white horse-Blues, booze & rock’n roll-Verycords-2016
    Reese Wynans & friends-Take the time-Sweet release-Provogue/Mascot-2019
    Zak Perry-All that I can be-Live
    Cotton Belly’s-Tried-Missi-Cabane prod-2019
    Maxwell Street-Hot pants-Going back-Autoprod-2014
    Boogie Beasts-Gonna be your man-Deep-Donor/Naked-2019

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  • Emission CRB
    Tellin’You – 14 novembre 2019 –

    Abbygail-Head in the sand-Gun control-Autoprod.-2019
    In Volt-New time-Free-Volt prod-2019
    Black Stone Cherry-Big legged woman-Black to blues vol 2-Provogue/Mascot-2019
    Altered Five Blues band-Right on, right on-Ten thousand watts-Blind pig rec.-2019
    Red Beans & Pepper Sauce-The battle-Mechanic marmalade-Crossroads/Socadisc-2019
    Ghalia-Gypsy lady-Mississippi Blend-Ruf rec-2019
    Kenny Parker-Baby come back to me-Hellfire-Rock a while rec-2019
    Myles Goodwyn-Fish tank blues-Friends of the blues 2-Linus-2019
    Cotton Belly’s-I won’t lie-Missi-Cabane prod-2019
    Bjorn Berge-Bitter sweet-Who else ?-Blue Moon rec-2019
    Meg Williams-I feel a heartache coming-Take me as I am-Nola blues-2019
    Michaël Lee-Heart of stone-Michaël Lee-Ruf rec-2019
    Bluesy Pix-Black black black-EP 6 titres-Autoprod-2019
    Laurence Jones band-Quite like you-Laurence Jones band-Top stop music-2019
    Robin Trower-Take me with you-Coming closer to the day-Provogue/Mascot-2019
    The Magpie Salute-Gimme something-High water II-Provogue/Mascot-2019
    The Marshals-Dark room-Les bruyères session-Freemount rec-2019

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  • Tellin’You – 7 novembre 2019 –

    Abbygail-Gun control-Gun control-Autoprod.-2019
    Booty Call-Bad things come in pains
    Sophie Malbec-Raise a helping hand-Road of blue memories-Ti and bo-2017
    Kat Riggins-Tightrope-In the boy’s club-Bluzpik Media Group-2018
    Black River Sons-Charcoal’s blues-Poison stuff-Music rec.-2019
    The Swinging Dice-Swing time-Let’s pick up the tempo-Celebration day rec.-2018
    Manu Lanvin & the Devil Blues-Son(s) of the blues-Son(s) of the blues-Verycords-2014
    Altered Five Blues band-Ten thousand watts-Ten thousand watts-Blind pig rec.-2019
    Altered Five Blues band-I hate to leave you-Ten thousand watts-Blind pig rec.-2019
    Phil Bee’s Freedom-Andy’s bar-Home-Sonic rendez-vous-2019
    Grady Champion-Down home blues-Steppin’ in-Malaco Rec.-2019
    Grady Champion-Three into two won’t go-Steppin’ in-Malaco Rec.-2019
    Sue Foley-The lucky ones-The ice queen-Dixiefrog/Borderline blues-2019
    Jonn « Del Toro » Richardson-I’m her man-Tengo blues-JDRC/VizzTone-2015
    Vaneese Thomas-Wake me-Down yonder-Segue rec.-2019
    Vaneese Thomas-Lies-Down yonder-Segue rec.-2019
    Vaneese Thomas-Second chance-Down yonder-Segue rec.-2019

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  • Tellin’You du 10/10/2019 - Invité P.Dallongeville pour Blues en Nord

    Patrick Dallongeville vous convie à découvrir et écouter la programmation du Festival Blues en Nord 2019/2020 : Sax Gordon, Sarah Mc Coy, Sue Folley, Cedric Burnside, Renaud Patigny, Laura Cox, Chicago Blues Festival 50th, Cisco Herzhaft, Phil Bee’s Freedom, Lil’Red & The Rooster, Steven Troch Band, Guy Verlinde, Chanda Rule/Kyla Brox, Kat Riggins

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  • Tellin’You – 25 juillet 2019 – invités Guillaume & Jérôme de la Forge festival -

    Ecoutez la programmation du Forge Festival qui se tiendra le 5 octobre 2019 à Quartes (B)

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