Tellin’you - 25 janvier 2024 -

Kid Colling Cartel-Cold blooded-Living on the wild side-Rock & Hall-2024
Kid Colling Cartel-Living on the wild side-Living on the wild side-Rock & Hall-2024
Pacôme Rotondo-Sleep with the devil-World of confusion-Rock & Hall-2023
Pacôme Rotondo-Love means life-World of confusion-Rock & Hall-2023
The String Breakers-Weird time-Soul me up-2023
The String Breakers-If your ready-Soul me up-2023
Chris Beard-Big girl-Pass it on down-Blue heart rec.-2023
Chris Beard-Who do you think you’re foolin’-Pass it on down-Blue heart rec.-2023
Evan Nicole Bell-Catfish blues-Runaway girl-Naked/Donor-2024
Mich Ryder-Star nomore-The roof is on fire-Ruf rec.-2024
Machine Kult-Baby please don’t go-Live
Jontavious Willis-Low down ways-Spectacular class
Jontavious Willis-The world is in a Tangle-Live
Little G Weevil-Tribal affairs-If I may...-Autoprod.-2023
Dr Sugar-Good bye baby-These words-Rock & Hall-2023
Eric Johanson-Gets me high-The deep and the dirty-Ruf rec.-2023
Ally Venable-Don’t lose me-Real gone-Ruf rec.-2023
Tio Manuel-Assassination Machine-Ocho !-El Tio/La Fugitive-2023
Soulful femme-Can’t get there from here-Attitude-Skydogstudios-2023